Bonnie Ryan

Dr. Ravi is wonderful...I started Sept. 8,2008 initial goal was to loose 100 pounds by my 50th Birthday March 20, 2009...I hit 75 pounds which was a great accomplishment...I could never have done this without Dr.Ravi and my 2 friends that went on this with me, we all were successful, I feel great and look great! When I started I was wearing a size 24 and now fit into size 12's...almost a 10...I have energy, get tons of compliments and have had some people who haven't seen me in a long time not even recognize me. It was tough the first month,,,but the results made it all worth it...

Thank you Dr. Ravi...

Bonnie Ryan

Destiny Witte

My name is Destiny Witte from Lakeland florida.

And I wanted to share my weight loss story with you. I am no celebrity, fitness fanatic, a person that has tons of money for a personal trainer or someone like that. I am just a wife/mom who figured out a system that worked better than all the famous diets, work out programs, Oct 10,2008 I became Dr Ravi's patients.

First off let me tell you a little about myself. My husband Chris and I have been married for 6 years been together 14 years since high school. We have 2 girls and a boy. Our oldest daughter Faith is 10, then our second daughter Hope is 7 and our son Christopher is 6 all 3 of my kids play soccer.

This Recently my daughter Hope wants to be a dancer /ballet and my son want to be a Football player &.Faith continue playing her 3rd year of Soccer and They all 3 would start karate this year! Which basically means our lives are more hectic with me chauffeuring around the kids and remember which day is which practice and who goes where. Hopefully my story can inspire you to try what I discovered and lose some weight! ‘' how I got my few extra pounds :) ok'‘ here it's  goes 70lbs is a little more then a few extra, but anyways I used to weigh 135lbs.befor kids/marriage:) I was never runway model or skinny, but I was slim. I had a little booty. And my husband Chris always made me feel fantastic. After my first daughter faith was born, I gained about 80 lbs. But then I slowly lost little then 2 years later I got pregnant again. So there I go again, I gained back all my weight. This time I did not just drop off the weight. This time after Hope I never got below 230. But hey, I had two kids. And I still looked good Finally, after my .son Christopher was born, I gained a total of 65lbs. I weighed 237lbs and felt uncomfortable in my own body. I stopped going out with friends. I felt ugly and of course fat.. So I decided to start dieting. I tried all the brand-name diets like Atkins ,weight watcher Slim Fast, Nutri-slim, South Beach, bought diet products advertised inside Shape magazines, etc. Yes, I would maybe lose 10-12 lbs or so then I would gain it right back up. I was so frustrated with these programs that basically made be go up and down in weight without lasting results. So I just gave up. I started eating more and more because I just felt like I did not care. I was in a downward spiral. At my heaviest, I weighed 237 lbs. I hated the fact that I couldn't buy any clothes that would make Me look good & feel good in them ,especially when you go to wal-mart or bells or even the mall you can never fine nothing that would fit me that would make me feel sexy big woman clothes was disgusting no color no style so ugly they made me felt even worst no help there Most people think that overweight people got that way because they are lazy. Truth is, many woman gain extra weight because of life. Kids, work, school, driving around running errands. It all takes time from our day. And it is all so exhausting. Who wants to come home after a full day of work, then drive our kids around to their practices or help the kids with their homework while cooking dinner, put kids to sleep, and then try to make up what's left time you do have to exercise never works out that way.. That is insane. And I am like most Americans. I am not superwomen/mom. I need to do what I need to do and then prepare for the next day.

This has nothing to do with laziness. People have lives and that may not necessary include going to a gym. I tried all the diet programs that people have swear by. I really did try them. But nothing that worked. I felt hopeless that this was just the way I was going to look forever. So one day I made a doctor appt for a follow up

my doctor send me to see a OB/GYN, that when I met DR.RAVI

if I never went that day

I would probably still be fat today Dr.Ravi was incredible!

so I had a feeling this was not one of those too good to be true deal.

Dr. Ravi set me on a plan that fits for me 500 calories a day" that wasn't much but hey she the boss 3oz of a meal for 2 weeks she put me on what it's called a protein diet, every two weeks D Ravi would change my diet by adding stuff to my diet still 500 calories 3oz of meal let me tell you my first month I was so miserable I didn't think I had it in me but with god/family/Dr ravi /myself supporting me I did it This diets plan was something I was waiting on for all along.. DR. RAVI change my life this was the best things I could have done for my self in years .my first 2 weeks I've lost 17lbs amazing I didn't think I could have done it without the support from god and family/Dr Ravi there was many time I wanted to give up but I didn't I stuck threw it I always thought my kids to never used the word can't...then I was at 220lbs after 6 months I got down to 168 just by following 1 simple rule .you can do it just follow DR RAVI plan I've lost 70lbs

The two weeks visits provide you with one-on-one Dr. consultation,

your B-12 shot and your supplements that you are to take each day trust me it works

Yes, it's hard to pass up the bowl of mashed potatoes that is sitting in front of you, or saying "no thank you" to your favorite dessert, but Dr. Ravi teaches you how to follow the diet and how to make the "right" choices in every situation.

But there are so many things I can do now then I thought I couldn't I have so much energy now I never knew where it came from I can do so much more with my family .I can play ball with my kids I love being outside with my family I love the new me I can wear clothes that I never thought in a million years I would be able to wear I feel pretty when I dress up. my kids would tells me how all the time I look good and how pretty I am they would give me a hug and say wow mom I can put my arm around you that would make me feel real good don't let me mistake you my kids always told me I was pretty before I lost my weight. but the way they look at me now its heart touching . My husband Chris love me no matter what I look like but the way my husband look at me and hold me its real nice it feel good I am happy now then I've ever been I love the new me. I've learn more about how to eat right and what kind of food to eat and how its is important to watch what you put in your body I now have my family eating right

I exercise 45min a day 4 times a week that would even help burn the fat and help loose weight faster , Dr Ravi would super boost me by give me my B-12 shot and boost my energy by giving me more vitamins and nutrients. Take away all my craving and hungrier vitamins help my skin ,hair & nails .Removes walls of aged sludge in my colon. This sludge goes away down the toilet and out of your body.

Now that my colon is completely cleaned out this intern allows my body to actually get rid of the fat by dumping the fat out through my now cleaned out colon. It is amazing

And then since the colon is now clean, my body will actually able to absorb the Acad. Advanced even better

This allows even more fat and toxins to be eliminated through the colon, including toxins built up in the liver, gal bladder, pancreas and even breast tissue

This becomes a revitalizing cycle that keeps on benefitting my body over and over. I become beautiful again from the inside and now it will begin show on the outside.

This will drop pounds of retained water and fat, tighten your skin, make you look and feel 10-15 years younger, boost your energy, regulate your mood, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels so what I got was a free bottle of Nature's Cleanse and I take 2 capsule of pinendimetrazine tartrate( helps with my appetite)

in the morning then I would take 1 tablet of calcium pyruvate (fat burner) then repeat in the evening. They are the perfect weight-loss combination, helping drop my ugly fat from everywhere and cleanse my system of harmful waste build up.

The results of MY OWN diet routine

During my journey period I lost 70 lbs! I continued doing what I've been doing for 6 months and I'm not going back .No Way!!

I feel healthier and more refreshed than ever.

My husband is so proud of what I accomplished and I have more energy to do fun activities with my kids. But best of all, I look and feel sexier than I did in my teen's!

I hope my story provides at least some motivation to help you lose weight. Just do not give up, because losing weight really will change your life in ways you never imagined. You will feel things you have not felt since you were 20 . Most importantly, you will finally be happy with yourself for tackling your weight once and for all I really recommend Dr Ravi to anyone her diet plan works ! So give Dr.Ravi a call make your appt today..change your life to a better life ‘'I did. now to those who read my testimony and try Dr Ravi weight loss programs!! You won't regret it this would be the best decision you've made for your self....good luck!

Thank YOU, Dr. Ravi...you have taught me that life is worth living for!!

Your sincerely

Destiny W.


One important factor of this diet is you and your staff and the encouragement you provide. I felt very good and had a sense of accomplishment when I came in to each session and had lost more weight! It was such a relief because I had tried several other weight loss plans and nothing seemed to work for an extended period of time. The plan helps you change your way of thinking about food and helps you pay attention to what you are eating and how much you are eating. I have had increased energy as well.

I’ve lost 33 pounds and am on the maintenance plan. I am hoping and planning to keep the weight off and maybe even lose a few more pounds in the process.

Thank you,

Sharon Rhodes

Hello my name is Sharon Rhodes;

At work, I noticed a few girls who had lost weight & looked great. When I asked them how they did it, they excitedly told me about Dr Ravis weight loss program. When I first went to Dr Ravis weightloss on February 2nd, I weighed 175 lbs, I felt sluggish, fat & unable to lose my weight. After the first two weeks, I lost 16lbs. I felt great & was walking 4 miles in the morning & 4 miles in the evening. On my 10th week April 15 visit, I weighted in at 145- losing 30 lbs. I now know what to eat & how much. I plan on staying at my new weight! Thanks to Dr Ravi.

Sharon Rhodes

Ruben Salas
Thanks for helping me lose the weight that was holding me back from enjoying play time with my child. Now at 25lbs. lighter I can run, jog and play tag with my daughter. Now she is the one asking me for time off. Now she tells me OH PA! YOU CAN REALLY RUN FAST, that make me feel good about my self. Thanks.
Ruben Salas
Lisa Giordano

Dear Dr. Ravi and Staff,

First of all THANK YOU! I have battled with my weight my entire life. For the first time I can actually catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror without being completely terrified! I wont say that the diet was easy,in the beginning, as with any diet you have to be ready for a change, a life-long change, and this program teaches you to adapt successfully to that change. It has been approx 28 weeks and im down about 70 lbs, 4 sizes, and have a normal cholesterol reading for the first time since high school!

Thank you again Dr. Ravi and Staff for making all of this possible!

Lisa Giordano

Karen Winter Haven
I am one of Dr. Ravi's client's/patients and would like to give a little testimony about my experience with the weight loss
program, Dr. Davi herself and her staff. 

I never had a weight problem until the last 15 years.  Why did I wait 15 years...I don't know but I am glad I finally
did something about my "weight issue."  I guess for me it was a matter of age, menopause, lack of exercise, lack of portion control
and just not being "in tune" with yourself like I should have been. 

First of all, I was delighted to be under a physicians care.  I also liked that fact that it wasn't cumbersome and easy
to follow.  It was most encouraging when an individual can loose weight after the first two weeks.  Secondly, what is
important is that you are changing your eating habits; and being very mindful of portion control.  It is also great
that you are given supplemental vitamins to make sure your diet is balanced.  Also for me, I learned how much sugar
and carbohydrates I was consuming.  The first two weeks helps you break that cycle of depending on either of those
sources.  In and of itself carbohydrates are not bad for you but if they are not "burned" they will turn to sugar and then to
fat!   Protein throughtout the day will provide the source you need for energy. 

It took me awhile psychologically to deal with the weight; the excess sugar and carbohydrates.  I was pretty well informed
on good nutrition and exercise but wasn't doing what I needed to do.  I needed this extra boost. 

The entire staff is very nice and helpful.  You receive information every two weeks on any weight loss you may or may not have had and  information on your BMI ( body mass index).  If you are following the weight loss plan and taking the necessary supplements and
taking the B-12 shot every two weeks you will loose weight!!   Dr. Ravi and the staff does not embarrass you or make you feel
guilty at any time.  They continually encourage you and celebrate any and all of our success.

What does this cost?  Yes, there is a dollar cost.  It is well worth it!  The two weeks visits provide you with one-on-one Dr. consultation,
your B-12 shot and your supplements that you are to take each day.  Also not all people loose at the same rate during the same
period of time.  My weight loss took 5 months and I am still working on the BMI issue. 

It was the best thing I have done for myself in years!!   

Winter Haven
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