Natalie Rivera
I used to be able to lose weight easily on my own, until I hit my 40's.  I hadn't realized how much harder it would get to lose the weight until I tried on my own again.  After 3 months, I had lost 23 pounds on a low carb diet combined with exercise.  It didn't take long to put back on 5 pounds the minute I reintroduced carbs in my diet again.  I finally lost the additional weight I need with Dr. Ravi's program - 40 pounds in 12 weeks.  Now, 59 pounds lighter since the beginning of the year, I'm happy to be wearing a size 8 and now on maintenance for a month, finding it easy to keep the weight off with my new lifestyle change in eating habits.  I highly recommend the program for anyone who needs that boost to control your appetite and burn fat.  I not only lost 40 pounds with Dr. Ravi's program in 12 weeks, I also took 11 points off my BMI and reduced my body fat by almost 13%.  I feel better, my blood pressure is at it's lowest in 2 years (without medications) and I have a new sense of confidence about myself.  Thank you to Dr. Ravi and her staff for her support over the last 4 months in helping me attain my health goals! 
Natalie Rivera, Zephyrhills, FL
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