Medical Weight Loss Program

Why should you try our Medical Weight  Loss Program in Lakeland?

  • Appetite control for hours on end
  • Increased energy and physical performance
  • The ability to eat much smaller meals
  • Increased metabolism and calorie expenditure
  • Steady, significant weight loss
  • Accelerated burning of unwanted fat
  • Easy weight maintenance
  • No negative side effects


Our weight loss management program is yielding truly breathtaking outcomes.   The program is tailored to your individual needs. We will work with you until your specific goals have been accomplished.

For years you might have struggled with diets or you might have tried to control your appetite with little or no results.  The dilemma is that when you diet you are repressing your desire to eat the foods you love.  So once your diet is over all those repressed desires for your favorite foods come out at once and you begin to over-eat ending up right were you were at, or worse yet,  heavier than before your diet.  Now imagine if you were to take a pill that would completely suppress your appetite.  Add to that being able to effortlessly change what you eat in order to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  This is what you will see with our program.  You will lose an average of five to seven pounds on your first two weeks and  an average of three pounds per week thereafter.  The fat will literally melt away.

Our medically supervised program will provide you with the infrastructure to accomplish your weight loss goals quickly and safely.

Your program begins with a consultation with a counselor. During this time you will be instructed on our Secrets To Succeed Program, which is proven to lower your blood insulin level. This process increases the body’s ability to burn fat, and creates the foundation of maintaining weight loss. Blood tests and EKG, your weight and body fat index measurement will be performed. Our physicians will then evaluate your medical and weight history, and make the appropriate recommendations for your individualized program. You will prescribed and dispensed and FDA approved appetite suppressant, which has been proven to be safe and effective for many years. Our program also utilizes weekly supplementary injections that will enhance your desired weight loss outcome. Our program requires a weekly or bi-monthly scheduled visit to assess your progress, and dispense your medication. Any indicated changes will be made if needed.

Cost of the Program

Initial Consultation
Comprehensive blood work, blood pressure, EKG, weight, BMI and body fat percentage, vitamin injections, Appetite suppressant, fat burner, vitamins, colon cleanse as needed.  

Semimonthly Consultation
Every two weeks scheduled visits to assess your progress, weigh blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage, appetite suppressant, vitamin injections and fat burners.
"no cotract or  fixed commitment required.  Terminate program whenever you choose.