Karen Winter Haven
I am one of Dr. Ravi's client's/patients and would like to give a little testimony about my experience with the weight loss
program, Dr. Davi herself and her staff. 

I never had a weight problem until the last 15 years.  Why did I wait 15 years...I don't know but I am glad I finally
did something about my "weight issue."  I guess for me it was a matter of age, menopause, lack of exercise, lack of portion control
and just not being "in tune" with yourself like I should have been. 

First of all, I was delighted to be under a physicians care.  I also liked that fact that it wasn't cumbersome and easy
to follow.  It was most encouraging when an individual can loose weight after the first two weeks.  Secondly, what is
important is that you are changing your eating habits; and being very mindful of portion control.  It is also great
that you are given supplemental vitamins to make sure your diet is balanced.  Also for me, I learned how much sugar
and carbohydrates I was consuming.  The first two weeks helps you break that cycle of depending on either of those
sources.  In and of itself carbohydrates are not bad for you but if they are not "burned" they will turn to sugar and then to
fat!   Protein throughtout the day will provide the source you need for energy. 

It took me awhile psychologically to deal with the weight; the excess sugar and carbohydrates.  I was pretty well informed
on good nutrition and exercise but wasn't doing what I needed to do.  I needed this extra boost. 

The entire staff is very nice and helpful.  You receive information every two weeks on any weight loss you may or may not have had and  information on your BMI ( body mass index).  If you are following the weight loss plan and taking the necessary supplements and
taking the B-12 shot every two weeks you will loose weight!!   Dr. Ravi and the staff does not embarrass you or make you feel
guilty at any time.  They continually encourage you and celebrate any and all of our success.

What does this cost?  Yes, there is a dollar cost.  It is well worth it!  The two weeks visits provide you with one-on-one Dr. consultation,
your B-12 shot and your supplements that you are to take each day.  Also not all people loose at the same rate during the same
period of time.  My weight loss took 5 months and I am still working on the BMI issue. 

It was the best thing I have done for myself in years!!   

Winter Haven
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