I quit smoking in February, 2008 and promptly put on 40 pounds.  This 40 was on top of the weight I had gained over the years, after babies, after hysterectomy.  So when I found myself having to purchase size 18 and 18W pants it was time to do something.
I knew I was going to need someone to help me with my weight program.  Dr. Ravi was recommended and I made my first appointment for April 27, 2009.  I won't sugarcoat anything and will tell you the program was hard; the first two weeks were tough.  But I followed her instructions, I ate what she said, I walked like she said and the pounds started coming off.  I listened to her talk of successes and failures.  I liked the quiet encouragement she gave me. 
Now it's been 5 months, I am on a maintenance program with her having lost 50 pounds and in back in a size 10 like I was many years ago.  Her program has become my new normal. I believe I am healthier than I have been in years with better eating habits and a true excercise program.
Thank you Dr. Ravi.
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