Gay Stoutz
I'm a Life Time Weight Watcher having met my goal when I was in my thirties.  I tried Weight Watchers again now that I'm older and just couldn't lose the weight.  Going to their meetings didn't seem to help.  A friend of mine was going to Dr. Ravi and raved about her results.  I called, made an appointment and went for my first visit in June.  I found Dr. Ravi and her assistants to be extremely helpful and friendly.  I'm very happy to say that after eighteen weeks on her program I've lost 55 pounds.  As of today, I'm on her maintenance program and plan to maintain my weight and maybe lose another few pounds. .  I just purchased a new dress for my husband's retirement party and am happy to say it is a size 12.  I can't remember when I last wore that size.  I highly recommend Dr. Ravi and her Weight Loss Program to anyone who needs to lose weight.  Gay Stoutz
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