On January 16th of this year, as a favor to a dear friend, I went to see Dr. Ravi to get on her weight loss program.  After my first visit, I was so sure that I wouldn't be able to: follow the program, not cheat, or lose any weight by my next visit, and on and on AND on.  I couldn't or wouldn't believe that an almost 300 lb. woman, could lose anything but maybe my "hope" to lose weight.
Well, that was my lowest point. After 2 weeks I had lost 16 lbs!  I was on my way and I have NEVER looked back!  I've lost weight at every visit and I'm getting ready to start the maintenance program next week. 
I am presently at 220 lbs. and look and feel great!  I have been able to get rid of 3 prescription drugs, one for blood pressure and two for cholesterol!  This program has changed my life! (I know everyone says that when something happens to them, but there's no other way to describe my life's changes.)
I was a person who tried EVERY diet in the WORLD more than once.  This diet with Dr. Ravi's supervision is the ONLY one that worked!  Please don't think that I didn't have to work at my weight loss.  Yes, it's hard to pass up the bowl of mashed potatoes that is sitting in front of you, or saying "no thank you" to your favorite dessert, but Dr. Ravi teaches you how to follow the diet and how to make the "right" choices in every situation.
Dr. Ravi told me at the beginning of this journey that I would learn to eat the right things and I wouldn't WANT the foods I can't have as I lose weight.  I didn't believe that at first, but I know now how to eat, what to eat and how to manage my own weight loss!  Thank YOU, Dr. have taught me so much about "eating to live not living to eat".
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